About Zheng Shun

Reliable, Responsible and Professional

Zheng-Sun is a leading provider of integrated equipments, supplies and solutions for pre-press operation. We provide our customers with market-proved successful products and total solutions. By the support of our expertise, experiences and resources, we are able to maximize the performance of your entire system.

We support Client's needs in the pre-press operation world widely:

  • from analog to digital
  • from software to hardware
  • from consumptive material to equipments
  • from troubleshooting to partnership making

We have been distributing high quality pre-press machines, such as CTF, CTP, CTCP etc. Besides, we have also been providing consumptive material, software and all sort of peripheral equipments for pre-press operation.

Our bussiness also includes second-hand sales and consultancy. If you are in search of IMPORTERS, AGENTS and DEALERS for your pre-press machines , please feel free to contact us through our website or E-mail.

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